We are committed to building and maintaining a sustainable, and innovative and forward thinking node service capable of making adjustments and upgrades as necessary to ensure continuity.


Night Node is run by Ryan I go by NightWolf92, I am a Sr. System Engineer who is deeply committed to growing the Night Node Livepeer Orchestrator to a global transcoder providing consistent and stable daily reward calls and ETH payments to our delegators.

We have been involved in crypto and various crypto projects since 2011 and have been learning and growing ever since. In September 2021 we started the Night Node Livepeer Orchestrator and have been consistently working on improving scale, stability and expanding our professional capabilities.

We are also a grant recipient by Livepeer Inc. to develop supporting scripts and documentation on the implementation and maintenance of Livepeer for Transcoders and Orchestrators.

We are looking to bring on additional delegators who are looking to support our vision and grow with us. Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions, comments or concerns.

Reward Structure:
Reward Cut - 5%
Fee Cut - 80%

Plans for the commission cuts?
While we are in the process of growing our delegation stake we will be foregoing any commission on the reward cut for the time being. This may change in the future but would not go above 5%. Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss these future changes.
All changes will be notified on our telegram and discord server.

NJ Node 1
NJ Node 2
EU Node 1 (Frankfurt)
SIN Node 1 (Singapore)
All circuits with gig+ capacity

1x RTX 3080 TI
2x EVGA 1070 SC
1x EVGA 1080
1x Quadro RTX 4000

Current Capacity:
107 Streams

Discord: NightWolf92 #3062

Live Stats

What is livepeer?

Livepeer is a distributed network of NVENC and NvFBC capable graphics cards that currently perform video transcoding tasks on behalf of the Livepeer network. Future plans for livepeer may include Document processing, AI, Machine Learning, CDN Transcoding etc.

Livepeer Branding
What is transcoding?

Transcoding is the process of taking a higher quality raw video file and passing it through a encoder which can process the video into different video qualities. This enables other devices and network speeds to watch the video without buffering. This is similar to how on YouTube videos can be chosen to watch in 1080p, 720p, 480p etc.

Diagram of the process of Video Transcoding
Why do we transcode?

Transcoding provides a unique reward system which provides passive income for the networks stakers. By staking with an Orchestrator, they are able earn in two ways.

1. Daily inflationary reward calls which are paid out in LPT, this is in relation to your stake and vary between 10-25% APY based on network participation.

2. Transcoding Payments which are paid in ETH, these ETH payments are made in approximately .18 ETH increments as a reward for transcoding work, the benefit of stake is the more stake, the more work is rewarded to the Orchestrator and as such they generate ETH Payments faster.

Ether and Livepeer create the unique experience for why this is a great alternative to traditional mining

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